Analysis options

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Analysis options


Drained or undrained condition: choose the first option for an analysis in terms of effective stresses, the second in terms of total stresses. In this regard, the program will use for the computation the saturated weight and undrained cohesion cu, if is chosen the undrained analysis, and the parameters c and φ with the natural unit weight if the drained analysis is chosen.


Exclusion conditions: Excludes from the analysis those surfaces whose intersect points upstream and downstream fall in the same segment of the profile or, those for which the above intersections fall within the specified distance (exclude surfaces with intersection less than...).


Function Morgenstern and Price: For the stability analysis with the method of Morgenstern & Price is possible to choose different trends of the distribution function of the forces of the interface - it can be constant - acme - sinusoidal.


Janbu's parameter: For the analysis with the method of Janbu is permitted to assign a value to the parameter chosen by the user.


DEM method: Using the DEM method you it can be performed the stability analysis with redistribution of stresses.



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