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• Methods for estimating the geotechnical properties of the soil


Methods for estimating the geotechnical properties of the soil: semi-empirical correlations of geotechnical parameters based on in-situ soil tests.

This text is designed for all professionals who operate in the geotechnical subsurface investigation. The purpose of this text is to provide an easy reference tool relatively to the means available today.

Theoretical insights have been avoided, for which please refer to the bibliography attached, except in cases where these were considered essential for the understanding of the formulation. The reason for this is obvious: make the text as easy to read as possible.

After a brief introduction about volumetric and density relationships with the most common definitions used for soils, in the following chapters we briefly described some of the most widespread in situ geotechnical testing and correlations to derive empirically geotechnical parameters and a number of useful formulations available today in the field of Geology.

The text concludes with the inclusion of formulas used in Technical Geology, considered of daily use to those working in the sector.

The topics are intended to provide a basic understanding of the in situ geotechnical testing and evaluation of geotechnical parameters necessary to define the geotechnical model.