Reinforced earth

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Reinforced earth


Reinforced earth can be used as consolidation work; to define this type of works is required data regarding the geometrical dimensions of the work (reinforced earth high, the distance between the grids and base width); data regarding the geotechnical parameters of the filling material (specific weight, friction angle) and data regarding the strength of the reinforcing grid.

The program proposes geogrids widely used in the industry with their relative characteristics.

New types of reinforcement elements can be added using the button New reinforcement (at right click or at the end of the predefined list), or the user can choose (and/or modify) already defined reinforcement elements.

Each type defined, when inserted, fits to the inclination of the profile at the point of insertion, therefore, if you want to assign a particular inclination to the reinforced earth, you have to assign previously the same inclination to the segment of the profile where you want to insert the work.

The stabilizing effect of the intervention on the slope is determined by the weight of the filling material, by the frictional resistance that develops on the slices and by the tensile strength of the reinforcement.

The resistance introduced in the calculation of stability is evaluated on the "effective" length of the reinforcements, ie that part of geogrid which is not affected by the sliding surface.



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