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SNL - Soil Nailing is the software designed for the design and calculation of slopes or excavation faces reinforced using the soil nailing technique. It is possible to consider nails with variable characteristics along the vertical development of the wall, both in static and pseudo-static conditions, even in the presence of a water table and for stratified soil. It is possible to perform all the checks, taking into account the different excavation phases, also according to the current regulatory approach.




The main features of the software are listed below:

• Each nail can be characterized by diameter, length, and variable inclination along the vertical development of the wall;

• The vertical spacing between the nails can be variable;

• It is possible to analyze the stability conditions of the wall, taking into account the excavation phases;

• The soil can be stratified;

• It is possible to consider the presence of a potential water table;

• Loads applied upstream of the wall can be uniformly distributed, in strips, or linear;

• The software performs the analysis in both static and pseudo-static conditions;

• It is possible to use the approach of current regulations (NTC2018 or Eurocodes) by using the coefficients defined by the aforementioned regulations.




SNL - Soil Nailing provides the following results:

• Stress absorbed by each nail;

• Internal checks;

• Pullout check;

• Check against nail rupture;

• Sliding check;

• Global stability check (in interoperability with the SLOPE software);

• Stresses in the lining (shear and bending moment).