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Insert new test


The program is based on the graphic entry of the penetration soil tests. To enter them:


1) Select the "Tests management" icon

2) Go on the work area

3) Click on the right button of the mouse and then choose the test type to input and enter the "General data"


Equipment - Select the equipment used from the drop down list. (If not present on the list it will be necessary to record its parameters in the Equipment window reachable from the General data menu). The choice of instrument controls the format of the data entry grids.


Test Id - Enter an identifying code for the test.


X, Y, Z - X and Y representing the location coordinates are automatically entered but may be altered as required. Z indicates the elevation.


Test depth - Final depth (m) reached by the test.


Groundwater - If any water tables are encountered, initial and final depths may be entered.


Test color - Color to be assigned to the test identifying marker on the worksheet.


4) Right click on the test and choose Data entry


5) In "Data entry" a series of quick menus are available, among which:


-Right click on the unit weight column for automatic computation of the weight

-Right click on the graphic for a series of functions like input of layers, export, etc.

-To delete a layer select the entire row in the Layer table and press "Delete" key on the keyboard


6) Once the input is finished, go on the test and choose "Process"

7) In "Process", to choose parameters, go on the grid in upper right corner and press the right button of the mouse.


*The difference between Process and Reprocess command is the following:

The Process command calculates the geotechnical parameters and keeps eventual alterations to them, while the Reprocess command recalculates the parameters without keeping eventual alterations made by the user.



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