Shear modulus G

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Shear modulus G


The theory of elasticity correlates the shear modulus (G) with the soil density (r) and the velocity of the waves (Vs):


G= ρ×Vs2


So the shear modulus is in relation with the velocity of the shear waves.


The shear modulus has higher values ​​for low levels of stress and decreases with increasing shear stress.




Estimation of shear modulus at low strains (G0) with empirical correlations.


Rix & Stokoe (1991)


Go=K×(qc)a× (σ’v0)


For sands: K=1634; a=0.25; b=0.375


Mayne & Rix (1993)


Go=K×(qc)a× (e)b


For clays: K=406; a=0.695;b=-1.13, e: void ratio



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