Raster images

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Raster images


Raster images can be imported to overlay the worksheet, in order that the drawing may be set in relation to some previously established mapping or imaging. To this end three commands are available:


Import raster image

Opens a file open window to enable the path and identity of the file  (*.jpg or *.bmp) to be imported. Calibration and positioning may be defined as well.


Calibrate raster image

Normally the import of an image applies the stated scale to map the image to the worksheet that is displaying a down zoomed real scale and no further action is required. This function can be applied if the result of applying the nominal scale to the image, seems to diverge from real observed dimensions for whatever reason. In this case enter the observed dimension and the rendered dimension in the image (Use Dimensions command to. retrieve) and its position on worksheet to again adjust the image.


Delete raster image

Removes the image background from the worksheet.



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