Construction phases

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Construction phases

SPW allows the insertion of multiple construction phases.




Add phase: Allows to enter an analysis phase at increasing depths.

Delete phase: Deletes the current analysis phase.

Interference between the phases: Allows to have interference between the phases. Initializes each phase according to the interaction with the previous phase. Even in the absence of anchors can be noticed a difference in stress between the phases, due to the interaction of the stress field of the current phase compared to the previous one.


The pressure diagrams will be related to the phase stress field. By activating this command, will be created automatically load conditions at the current phase based on the previous one.


If there is a difference between the phases of displacement, will activate the passive rods.


In the analysis by phases is not possible to automatically calculate the depth of embedment using finite elements.


N.B. If the command Interference between the phases is not active, in the calculation process there is no interference between the phases.


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