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The supports are elements aimed at increasing the resistance resources of the bulkhead. However, unlike the anchors, they are mostly subject to compression. Consequently, the nature of the checks to be carried out changes. In the following figure is schematically shown the use of a strut support:



Strut support


The strength checks carried out on the strut are the ordinary ones executed on compressed members.


Compression strength test: In this test is estimated the maximum compression stress, comparing it with the breaking stress of the compressed element.

Check concerning the collapse due to instability: As known, compressed members are subject to the problem of structural instability. It is therefore necessary to check that the normal stress acting upon the strut is lower than or equal to the critical load of the strut.


The strut is an element which can only be inserted if is chosen the F.E.M. method, and the element only reacts if a displacement of the bulkhead is activated in a downstream direction.


Data regarding the struts can be inserted in the following window:




Description: Allows the user to identify – by means of a name – the strut inserted.

x: It is the abscissa, measured in the general reference system, where the strut is inserted. It is expressed in m.

z: It is the level, measured along the vertical passing through the general reference system, where the strut is inserted. It is expressed in m.

Length: Length of the strut, expressed in m.

Inclination:        It is the angle of inclination that the axis of the strut forms with the horizontal axis of the general reference system. It is expressed in degrees (n.b. the inclination is defined as positive when clockwise).

Area: Area of the strut's section, expressed in m2.

Interaxis: It is the distance, measured in the direction perpendicular to the drawing plane (general direction y) existing between two adjoining struts. It is expressed in m.

Material: Material to associate to the strut, can be chosen from Materials archive.

Modulus of subgrade reaction: Strut's modulus of subgrade reaction, equal to the axial stiffness of the element, expressed in kN/m.

Color: Gives the possibility to assign a color to the strut.



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