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Defines and elaborates on more layered surfaces. It offers the possibility to obtain autonomous triangulations of each layer, which can subsequently be put into relation with them to calculate volume, offsets, excavations, etc.

It also offers 3D viewing of single surveys or complete layers, and axis selection on a visual plane(X,Y,Z).

It provides the insertion of point coordinates from the keyboard, with the possibility to indicate additional attributes, such as the symbol, the colour, if it is a detailed generic point, a fiducial/station point or penetrometric drilling.

In the latter case, it is possible to specify more depth quote for the same planimetric coordinate.

Trispace also makes it possible to import survey points from different formatted files: Autocad, DXF, formatted texts, excel.

It also offers standard graphic objects, such as texts, lines, polylines, archs, polygons, and rectangles.

Other important features are:


 - Duplicate analyses;

 - Guided point decimation;

 - Standard precision tools (SNAPs and guild grids);

 - Importation of scaled bitmap images(raster graphics);

 - ASCII importation with general formats.






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