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In the Computation menu a number of views displays graphically the data recorded and calculated. Some of these displays are additive so that the icons act as on/off switches, others replace the previous view.

Structure section
Displays the structure section embedded in the defined stratigraphy as well as any loads on backfill and wall.

Soil pressure
Displays the wall profile and against it the thrusts on the stem and on the plane through the back edge of the heel . If seimic influence has been specified, the program also displays the progression of dynamic thrust increment.

Water table pressure
Displays worksheet and water pressures on the two planes.

Foundation pressures
Displays worksheet and the foundation pressures diagram.

*Individual thrust diagram
Displays worksheet and thrust on wall stem and on the vertical through the edge of the uphill footing. Where seismic action is declared, the dynamic thrust increas is also shown.

Moment diagram
Displays worksheet and moments on wall stem and on uphill and downhill footings.

Displays worksheet with wall and armatures wherin number and diameter of armatures can be altered.

Armature Editor
While in Armature display, Armature Editor tab opend that functions' comands.




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