Summary survey

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Summary survey


The summary survey is used to gather the results of more surveys for a certain area. A summary survey can be inserted only for an area that has at least two surveys. The use of a summary survey is equivalent to a usual survey, but it is not possible to choose the parameters for which to calculate the characteristic parameters. The processed parameters are automatically determined according to the ones in the surveys to which the summary survey is reported. To be more specific, the value of a characteristic parameter can be determined if all the surveys of the area include the study of the same parameter.


To insert a summary survey simply click "Add summary survey" form the "Survey" menu (or use the context menu viewed at a right click in the left panel containing the "New area" text in the main window) and specify the name for it.



Summary survey stratigraphy


To import data from surveys already inserted in the area it is necessary to setup a thickness for the soil layer and select the parameter to process by clicking on the appropriate cell.

Under the table are shown the info and measurements for the selected parameter.


Clicking on the button for the data import a window appears that gives the option to select what measurements to import from the surveys in the area.


Once import is made, characteristic parameters can be processed using all the selected measurements (see also Stratigraphy).