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The analysis of the geotechnical parameters is performed within the "Stratigraphy" section of the survey.


For each considered soil layer are determined the characteristic values of the parameters selected in the survey's General data. To start processing the parameters in a certain layer the thickness must be assigned. Clicking on the button that appears in the sell of a parameter for a layer gives the possibility to insert the data and calculate the characteristic value.




Related to the stratigraphy, the following fields are available:

n - number of the soil layer

Thickness - thickness of the layer

(Parameter name) - value of the characteristic parameter found from the statistic processing

Color/Texture - gives the possibility to select a color or texture to assign to the soil layer


For each selected parameter the user can choose:

Value to consider - Select "Uncompensated strengths" to obtain the minimum representative value of the sample, select "Compensated strengths" to obtain the representative value of the average of values.

Processing type - Select the processing type to be used (see Samples).

Percentile - The user can consider the 5° percentile or 95° percentile of the statistic distribution.

Options - Select the option "Tangent distribution" to process data using the tangent distribution of the parameter or "Manual covar. " to insert manually the variance coefficient.


Statistic processing

Number of measurements - number of measurements available for the considered soil layer.

n - number of the measurement

Value - value of the measurement



tipbulb Note: Data can be imported from external files with a simple Copy/Paste operation.




tipbulb Note: The results from the table can be copied using a simple right click.




(See also Theoretical notes, Elements of statistics and)