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This section summarizes all the data processed.

It is possible to choose the type of examination to be made, between the options of calculation with the direct method or interval method. In the first case it will be summarized in the grids at the bottom only the values of Tpcor and Tscor , in second case it will also be available the values of wave velocities, the unit weight, Poisson's ratio, shear deformation modulul, the oedometric compressibility module, Young's modulus and bulk modulus for each intervals of measurement. By right clicking on the travel time graph it can be defined a custom seismic stratigraphy assigning the depth of the layer. The depth can be varied by adjusting the chart. The data relating the seismic stratigraphy can be customized by adjusting the chart directly. These are summarized in a special grid on the bottom of the workspace. Next to each seismic layer are summarized seismic data as average values of vp, vs, g, ni, G, Ed, E, Ev. If you chose the interval method system of calculation it can be assigned a seismic stratigraphy also from the speed profile range, which is activated by pressing the menu above the chart.



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