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Export menu


Export menu

This menu gathers export commands grouped into further sub-categories (groups).


Numerical group


The button "Traces" is used to export numerically the input traces in text (*.txt) and Excel (*.csv) formats with their overall data.


Average spectra

The button  "Average spectra" is used to export numerically the average Fourier spectra of the traces in the three directions with their general and statistical data in text (*.txt) and Excel (*.csv) formats.



The button "H/V" is used to export numerically the H/V spectral ratio with its general and statistical data in text (*.txt) and Excel (*.csv) formats.


Diagram group

Each button in this group is associated with the export of the image of one of the diagrams in Easy HVSR with the sole exception of the drawing on the stratigraphy. The formats available are those most commonly used.


Print group

Similar to the "Diagram group", each button is associated with the printing process of the diagram associated with it, as the same button name suggests. For each print request is initially asked for the printer to which to direct the printing process.


N.B. The export of some graphics or data is possible only when the analysis process reaches the point they needed in preparing the content of export. In the case of graphics, they become available  after the processing is finished and they are also visible on the screen. The process of exporting and printing of graphics can be initiated also from the context menu that appears at a right click on the item to pint.


Report group

This group contains the button "Report" that creates the report of the whole process of analysis and its results, complete with graphics and checks.




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