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This menu gathers general utility commands grouped into further sub-categories (groups).


File group


The button "New" allows to create a new project of Easy HVSR. If a project is already opened, is asked whether to save all data before creating a new project.



The button "Open" gives the possibility to open a previously saved project of Easy HVSR. If a project is already opened is asked whether to save all data before opening a new project.



The button "Save", enabled only if you changes were made to the open project, allows to save the contents of the currently open project on the PC. If the open project was created from the button "New", a window opens in which the name and the path can be assigned.


Save as

The button "Save As" opens a dialog box to save the currently open project with a new name.


Edit group

The buttons "Cut", "Copy" and "Paste" are performing the typical operations in the data input phase.



Allows to undo the last changes accepted in the project.



Allows to restore the latest modifications canceled.


N.B. "Undo" and "Redo" are only effective between consecutive acceptances of amendments. "Undo" can put the project back to the state just prior to the last "Apply" button press  or acceptance of the amendments with the dialog box that appears when switching from one tab of analysis to another.


Technical office data

This group contains the button "Technical office data" that launches a dialog window useful to configure precisely the general data of the office that will be inserted in all the reports generated by Easy HVSR (not only for the open project).  If data is not entered, will be used data regarding the license of the program.


Run group

This group contains the button "Stop". This button is active only during the calculation phases and allows to stop the calculation phase if it is considered too long or if is believed to have entered a wrong data and want to modify it before proceeding further.




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