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Help menu


The menu "Help" contains useful commands for the management of the program and the relationship with GeoStru Software.


Select language

The button "Select language" gives the user the opportunity to change the interface language of the software, choosing another one of the available languages. After the selection the software will automatically close in order to load the new language. Confirmation to save the current project will be asked prior the closing.



The button "Registration" opens a window that offers the possibility to activate or deactivate the software. If the software is already activated, the button "This product is already activated" closes the window and returns to the software.



The button "Contact" is intended to facilitate a better communication with the software provider and gets the user directly on our website.



The button "RSS" takes the user on our website to the latest information regarding GeoStru software updates.


Version and update check

The button "Version and update check" verifies the existence of a newer version of the software and displays a message accordingly.



The button "FAQ" takes the user directly on our website, in the Frequently Asked Questions section.



The button "Ticket" shortens the way to our technical staff by sending the user directly to our support website where tickets can easily be registered and sent to our technical support team.


GeoStru Online

The button "GeoStru Online" opens in the web browser the page with our online applications collection.



The button "Help" opens the user manual .


Program information

The button "Program information" opens a widow containing the main information about the program: Registration code of the product (if the product is registered the registration number of the software is shown, if the product is running in demo version, the word "Trial" is shown), License type ("Lite" for demo mode, "Software key" or "Hardware key") and information about the license owner.




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