The steps of the analysis

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The steps of the analysis


The steps of the analysis


This section illustrates the steps of the analysis in Easy HVSR.


The graphical interface of Easy HVSR is substantially divided into two parts, resizable depending on the user's needs: one part for input and output of numerical data (on the left) and the other part of graphic rendering of the results and choices made during the analysis process (for further details regarding this section go to the Graphics section of this user manual).


The panel on the left side of the main window is divided into five pages that can be opened with a simple click on their name. The pages are organized so that each of them corresponds to a phase in which, as mentioned before, Easy HVSR divides the entire analysis process. Each phase is required for the next one, even if in some cases, better specified forward in this user manual, some choices that the user should make in subsequent phases are anticipated with default choices


There are four analysis phases:

Input phase of general data and traces

Phase of identification of the time windows

Selection phase of the windows and spectral analysis

Analysis phase of the H/V spectral ratio and identification of the stratigraphy


The following sections describe these steps in line with the pages of the left panel, explaining the various meanings of each field contained therein, in line with the whole process of analysis.




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