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"Traces" section contains all commands useful to import traces from the registration files of the recording tools.


Read traces

The button "Read traces" opens a window that allows to load traces from files generated by the recording tool used in situ. The supported formats are Seg2 (*.sg2; *.seg2; *.dat), Segy (*.sgy; *.segy), SU (*.su), Ambrogeo (*.dta), SESAME ASCII (*.saf), text files (*.txt). For the last two types is launched a dialog box for whose instructions please see the relevant page of this manual.


Sampling frequency

In this field is set and/or indicated the sampling frequency of the traces. If are imported records from files that do not support the storage of the sampling frequency, this information needs to be manually inserted in this box.


Traces table

This table shows the values ​​of records from moment to moment for a possible direct reading of values.


Graphical configuration

When the "Traces" window is selected, the configuration of the graphics only shows the three traces: each graphic shows the single trace in its direction. For further details see the section on Graphics of this user guide.




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