Draining pipes

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Draining pipes

The function of the draining pipes is to lessen the effect of the thrust due to the presence of water, while the function of the anchoring structure is to guarantee that the weir is well anchored to the river banks where it must be installed. The input data relevant to the draining pipes and to the anchoring structures shall be entered according to the following diagram:



Draining pipes and anchoring input diagram


The meaning of the symbols is the following:


IO [m]


Horizontal spacing distance between the draining pipes


IV [m]


Vertical spacing distance between the draining pipes


LAI [m]


Length of the lower anchoring


LAS [m]


Length of the upper anchoring


RV [m]


Vertical offset


RO [m]


Horizontal offset


NB: the working order of a system of draining pipes is temporally limited to the first periods of life of the work, especially in the absence of a suitable maintenance programme. That is why the beneficial effect brought about by a system of draining pipes has been left out in the calculation of the equilibrium of the weir.





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