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Basin’s Hydrologic balance is the equality of affluence and runoff.

Water goes through a closed circuit that is composed by the evaporation phase, the precipitations (rain, snow, etc.) terrain infiltration and the outflow into the sea, from where the circuit starts again.

The Hydrologic balance generic express is:


P = EV + R + I



P = precipitation;

EV = evapoperspiration;

R = flowing;

I = infiltration.




General Data




Basin’s position:

Choose between the two options mountain basin and ground level basin;

Basin’s area:
The program calculates the basin’s area automatically, after its input, but it also allows assigning a different value for it.

 Annual rain fall
This data is read by the program in General Data window from the Data Input menu.

 Annual medium temperature
This data is read by the program in General Data window from the Data Input menu.




Real Evapoperspiration Computation 


Hydrologic Risk performs the computation for ETR, based on the formula of Keller or Turc, as being the water height in mm






Meteorite precipitations
Insert flows’s percentage (water volume in m³) due to the precipitations.

 Adjacent basins contributions
Calculates the percentage of the contribution from other basins.

 Residual water
Insert the water volume (as percentage from the total inflow) from the civil and industrial consumers.

 Secondary surface infiltrations 
Adjacent GWT contribution.


Adjacent GWT water contribution






Real evapoperspiration ETR

 Well share

 Flows to other basins

 Present springs

 Surface outflow

Flows to other GWT

Hydrological reserves storage variation