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QSIM is concerned with the analysis of slope stability in dynamic conditions using Newmark’s method.


Newmark’s method models a landslide as a rigid block sliding on an inclined plane; movement occurs when horizontal acceleration exceeds the critical value kc that is calculated by a pseudo static analysis.When acceleration falls below this value motion proceeds with null acceleration.

Qsim allows to obtain the trend displacements and velocities during the earthquake and the maximum displacement as well as generate design artificial accelerograms. Other features:


Import of accelerograms from any external file

Integration of design accelerograms in the automatic generation

Computation of response spectrum for design accelerogram

Computation of response spectra according to normative for ultimate limit state ULS, for damage limit state and for elastic limit state, horizontal and vertical

Superimposition of the response spectrum of the design accelerogram and normative spectrum to establish compatibility

Returns the diagrams of accelerations, velocities and displacements

All graphics can be exported and printed


See also Accelerogram generation




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