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In order to be able to perform the anisotropic analysis, it is necessary to select the 'Anisotropy' option (see figure) and to assign two values of the same geotechnical parameter to each layer separated by '-' (e.g. in the case of cohesion, report the cohesion value in the horizontal direction 'ch' and the cohesion value in the vertical direction 'cv', e.g. ch-cv ).


This strength model uses the following equation for dealing with anisotropy in the soil strength:



similar for the shear strength angle:



The subscripts stand for horizontal and vertical. The horizontal and vertical components are specified. Alpha (α) is the inclination of the slice base.


For the anisotropic analysis, insert two values (horizontal , vertical) of the parameter geotechnical separated by - ex: ch-cv for cohesion (100-120)





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