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The data relevant to the structure concern the structural composition of the bulkhead. Through this set of data we then define the section (or the sections, if need) of the bulkhead, materials, etc. The environment for the management of the data relevant to the structure is the following:





Structural composition

The structural composition is obtained by assembling elements that can have different sections. So, for instance, it is possible to use, for the same bulkhead, different resistant sections on the excavation depth. The following image provides an explanatory description of the previous concept:


sections bulkhead


The data to be entered for the structure refer to each part in which the section can be susceptible of changes. For each segment it is therefore necessary to define the following:


Section length: Expressed in m, it represents the constant-section segment of the excavation height; it is a good practice to use sections with equal features for the whole bulkhead; in any case, where it becomes necessary to use more types of sections, it is advisable to avoid too short segments.


Name: Type of section to be associated to the considered segment - choose amongst the different types of sections defined in the Sections archive.


N.B.: The lengths are referred to each section and the structural continuity of the work (from the end of previous section) must be respected. For the first section, the length is defined wit regard to the zero of the reference system.


Capping beam: From the drop-down menu Capping beam can be selected the section that represents the capping beam. Clicking the Apply button will insert the capping beam. To remove it click on the button next to the drop-down menu.



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