How to set up a new project

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How to set up a new project


1 Fill in data regarding the technical office.


2 Insert the area and general information.

3 Add one or more surveys by inserting the appropriate general data.


4 Click on Stratigrphy (for each parameter selected in General data it will be calculated  the characteristic value).


5 Insert the thickness of the layer and click on the button in the cell of the parameter.


6 Choose the value to consider (Uncompensated strengths, Compensated strengths, Average value), the type of processing and further options.


7 Insert the number and the value of the measurements.


8 Click on "Calculate". The results will be shown in the table and the characteristic value of the parameter will be shown in the appropriate cell. (see point 5).


9 Select the Print options and click Print report.


tipbulb Note: If for an area are inserted at least two surveys then a summary survey can be inserted.




The survey may also be imported from *.xml files using the "Import project from XML" command.

The import file can be written using an xml editor or a simple text editor, or can e generated by other GeoStru software like Dynamic Probing or Static Probing. Importing a survey from an xml file automatically sends the characteristic parameters to be calculated to the Stratigraphy section of CV Soil software.


A survey processed with CV Soil can be exported with an *.xml extension and can be used in other GeoStru programs - use "Export project in XML" command.