Easy Refract

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Easy Refract

Easy Refract  








trace data files can be imported from standard files: SEG-2, SEGY, SU or ASCII;


the survey area can be displayed on Google Maps and can be customized;


no limit on the number of shots;


identification of the first arrivals (also called first break picking or first arrivals picking) for which the zoom factor can be used;


complete control in defining the traveltime curve;


determination of optimal XY on the graphics of velocity function and time-depth function;


customization of the stratigraphy with the use of textures;


interfaces with other GeoStru software;


export of all graphics in image format;


creates a report that can be exported in various formats: RTF, DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, JPEG etc.


The graphical user interface of the software is designed to allow a simple and immediate use of the product. All sections of the software can be accessed using the left side menu or by using the buttons in the top bar. The user is guided in processing the data by commands that are enabled depending on the proper and correct progress of the operations carried out.


The processing of a survey is completed with the following steps:


General data;


Import of trace files;


Analysis of timetravel curve;


GRM Interpretation;


Morphology of refractors.



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