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The loads acting on the foundation can be distinguished in design loads and operating loads.


The design loads are used for the computation of the bearing capacity. The values to be inserted are design values so they must be assigned, when an ultimate limit state verification is carried out, together with the amplifying coefficients of the actions.


The operating loads are used for the settlement computation.


Sign convention

More design loads and operating loads combinations can be assigned simultaneously in order to perform the computation according to the normative.

Alternatively to loads can be assigned the design normal pressure.


The commands "Generate combinations" and "Assign loads" activate the number and the type of combination to adopt based on the normative chosen and an orientation value for the design normal pressure, if this data is not available.



Avvertenza Attention:

LoadCap does not calculate the weight of the foundation.


Automatic computation of pressures in the soil
Once inserted the components N, Mx, My, the software automatically calculates the pressure transmitted from the foundation to the soil.



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