Graphic input

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Graphic input


Insert layer


Enables a layer to be inserted graphically. After selecting the command click on the worksheet where the layer boundary is to be drawn. A dialog window with the depth appears which can be confirmed to draw the layer or canceled. Needless to say the point clicked should be below ground level and is treated as upper or lower boundary depending on its position respect to the section base.



Alter thickness


The thickness of a layer may be altered with this command. When active clicking on a layer causes a dialog window with the current depth of the layer to appear. Alter the figure and press OK. The user may continue to do this until the command is deactivated by again clicking on the menu item.



Assign soil type


Enables the soil type for a layer to be selected interactively. Click on layer and a window with a list of soil types appears. Select one of them and exit the window to apply.




The soils in the list are part of the Soil database.




Delete layer

Enables a soil layer to be removed from the section. Click on the undesired layer and the layer is removed.



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