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General Data

Here are brought the indispensable data at the beginning of a new project, therefore there is binding, for the course of the input, the insertion of the asked information.


Numeric Input

The command allows the basin's and river reaches' coordinates numeric input.


Raster Image Import  

command for raster image import (cartography view),  for basin's coordinates graphical insertion and connected hydro graphical network.


Raster Image Calibration

command allowing inserted image calibration to real scale.



command making the selected object enabled; it allows alterations on basin's vertices, river reach's vertices...


Vertex insert

Allows vertex introduction in the selected object (basin, river reach, internal vertices...) For the Conventions to use see GRAPHIC INPUT .


Vertex alteration

Allows selected object's vertices alteration (basin, river reach, internal vertices...)


Vertex elimination

Allows selected object's vertices elimination (basin, river reach, internal vertices...) Once the  commandis selected the pointer changes its form within the point to be eliminated.



Cuts the element defining the selected object, inserting a new vertex. Once the command is selected you have to bring the pointer on the element to cut and click.


Adding basin's elevation vertices

By selecting this command vertices can be inserted inside the basin for the DTM's creation. The insertion of more vertices leads to a more accurate model. The insertion of a new vertex can be done by a click on the selected basin point.


elevationted vertices alteration

This command allows quote vertices' alteration within the basin. Once the command is selected the pointer changes its form within the point to be altered: now it can be moved into another position just by clicking and displacing it in the new position with the mouse down.


elevationted vertices elimination

This command allows elevation vertices' elimination within the basin. Once the command is selected the pointer changes its form within the point to be eliminated: now it can be eliminated just by clicking it.


Transversal section

This command allows the introduction of the verification sections. The verification sections' position and  number along the water course can be determined by this command of the Numeric Input. The sections' displacing to the highest point of the river reach is done starting from downwards. Every section must be determined starting from the left with the mouse down towards its the final point. The section's form and dimensions are graphically and numerically individuated in the sections' view window that can be activated with a double click of the mouse in the correspondent area (see also Numeric Input )

Note: the sections are being inserted after the creation of the terrain's digital model, therefore after the basin's and river reach's insertion. Thurther more, in General Data must have been previously inserted the overfills.


Transversal section's elimination

This command allows the transversal section's elimination with a click on the section that you want to eliminate.