General data

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General data



Name of typology: needed for identification.



Work's description.


Reinforcements list

Reinforcement typology archive is a database of materials that can be personalized by the user, just select Reinforcement List and press the mouse's right button to add or to delete a reinforcement.

The data required varies as a function of the type: bar, strip or sheet.

For each of those, beside the geometrical identifiers, it is necessary to assign the material's allowable resistance fa.


Design standard

The user can choose one of the following standards:


Limit equilibrium: applies the limit equilibrium theory with just one combination of load and a global safety factor on the various verifications.

Norme Tecniche (Testo Unico): si possono considerare più combinazioni di carico con differenti fattori di combinazione e i coefficienti di sicurezza parziali sui parametri geotecnici.

BS 8006: international British Standard 8006, for analyzing ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state of the structure; both are defined by load factors and partial coefficients.

EC8: the Eurocode provide for ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state analysis.

Depending on the chosen Standard the program generates the load combination to analyze. It is possible to choose to perform the computation with the designing or verification criterion.



The program calculates the horizontal and vertical thrust coefficient on the base of the maximum acceleration on soil. The user may modify these coefficients.



After choosing the typology from general data and confirmed by pressing apply, the software will select the specific theoretical part to be introduced in the final report that can be generated from the menu Report - Export in Word.




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