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Analysis capabilities


Mesh generation


Structured mesh generation

The Quadrilateral Region

Mapping technique

Automatic meshing

Region connectivity

Unstructured mesh generation

Mesh editing

          Mesh refinement

          Deletion meshes

          Nodes renumbering

          Transforming meshes (p-refinement)


Formulation of the element matrices and vectors for elasticity problem

          Equilibrium equations

          Boundary conditions

          Strain-displacement relations

          A general formula for the stiffness matrix

                      Plane strain case

                      Plan stress case

                      Axisymmetric elements

          Finite elements types

Constant strain triangle (CST-T3)

Linear strain triangle (LST-T6)

Linear quadrilateral element (Q4)

Quadratic quadrilateral element (Q8)

Numerical integration in finite elements

          Stress calculation

          Consistent element nodal loads

Body forces

Distributed forces

Initial stress/strain loads

Pore pressure loads

Excavation loads

Gravity loading

Assembly and storage strategy

Incorporation of boundary conditions

                        Explicit specification of BC's

                        Imposing prescribed displacements (Penalty method)

          Elastic supports

Solution of equilibrium equations


Formulation of beam-column elements

          Bar or truss elements

          Two-noded beam-column element

 Joining beam-column elements to plane elements. Dissimilar elements.

                      Beam-column element connected to a plane element

                      Truss element connected to a plane element

                      Bolts elements

                                  End anchored bolts

                                  Fully bonded bolts

                      Liner elements

         Geogrid elements


Nonlinear analysis formulation

          Inelastic stress-strain behavior

                      Yield criterion

                      Flow rule

                      Hardening rule

          Incremental stress-strain relations

          Failure criteria

                      The Von-Mises yielding criteria

                      Mohr-Coulomb and Tresca yielding criteria

Elastic-plastic procedures

          Constant-stiffness method

                      Generation of self-equilibrationg body loads

                      Initial strain method

                      Initial stress method

                      Solution procedure

                      Tangent (variable) stiffness method

                                  Integration of the constitutive relations. Consistent tangent matrix

                                  Solution procedure


Steady state analysis


Initial conditions

Initial ground


Initial geostatic stresses


Dynamic and seismic analysis


Staged constructions


Analysis types

          Slope stability analysis

          Bearing capacity analysis

          Staged construction analysis.












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